where to buy invisible zippers?

The invisible zippers consists of chain nylon teeth, pull head and stop top (front and back yards). The chain tooth is the key part, which directly determines the lateral tensile strength of the zipper. Generally there are two pieces of invisible zipper chain, each chain belt has a separate column chain teeth, two teeth are staggered with each other. Invisible zipper is mainly used in coats, dress, pillow, bed sacks, etc.

There are two kinds of invisible zippers, one is called woven tape invisible zipper and the other is lace tape invisible zipper. Please check the below pictures and find the difference between the two kinds of invisible zippers.

woven tape invisible zippers

The above zippers are woven tape invisible zippers

lace tape invisible zippers

The above zippers are lace tape invisible zippers


Where to buy invisible zippers?

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