Wenzhou Buttons wholesale

According to buttons, many people will think of Wenzhou Yongjia Qiaotou. Wenzhou button started early, the current Yongjia button enterprises slowly shift from the form of large enterprises in the form of workshops, Yongjia people focus on docking with the international market, in order to pry the high-end market.

A lot of people are running directly to the international market, with their own product development area of foreign sales. Usually, they are Brand Company or big list of cooperation. Under normal circumstances, do not want to stop switching products, usually after the installation of a good mold ten days to know more time for a model.

They produce more generic products, for the entire mass market, if the customer orders are small, there will be no enthusiasm for the next single, but the quality is good. The unit price, because of their large-scale production, so many times, they lower than the low price of Jiashan button.