China Button city – Qiaotou Town in Wenzhou

China button city is located in Qiaotou town of Yongjia County Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. In the middle of the 90s popular commodity, gem. Improve the overall quality of Qiaotou town, the sustainable development of regional economy, regional environment and regional image. Qiaotou button market sentiment ups and downs, the market changes, business philosophy and way to change. Must respect the market changes, and then play their own advantages”. Qiaotou button industrial cluster development fully, with buttons and zippers as a leader, related upstream and downstream enterprises processing capacity is complete, industrial manufacturing capabilities are closely connected and industry information exchange fast, flexible combination of production scheduling, to create a strong industrial chain advantage. Effectively reduce operating costs, and ultimately benefit the entire industry chain.

Now,  there are 60 thousand people in the Qiaotou town, nearly 60% staff in the production of buttons, the other 20% personnel engaged in zipper production. There are 2700 registered self-employed households, more than and 700 industrial enterprises, specializing in the production of more than and 200 buttons, the production industry is still obvious.