Characteristics of jiashan button industry

Statistics shows that Jiashan has more than 1,200 buttons production enterprises, and the annual growth rate of up to 100. In 2011, the national garment accessories market reached 28 billion RMB, of which button market size reached more than 13 billion RMB, while the 2011 Jiashan button industry annual output value of more than 7 billion RMB, the national market firmly occupy half of the country.

The button industry existing marketing staff of nearly ten thousand people, employing more than 30 thousand people, products are mainly resin buttons, metal buttons, shell buttons, horn buttons, corozo buttons, wood buttons and bamboo buttons, as many as thirty categories of hundreds of varieties.

Last year, a total of 115 billion kinds of buttons enterprises in Jiashan button production, equivalent to the world to provide each of the 17 buttons.